Child custody battles and stress

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce proceedings or negotiations could be incredibly stressful for all parties involved. Negotiations over asset distribution and spousal support might become contentious in an Oregon family court, but the emotional toll of child custody battles may be far more taxing. Spouses dealing with high-conflict custody negotiations might find it challenging to remain strong.

Focus during a high-conflict child custody fight

Allowing oneself to become mentally and emotionally drained could make moving forward during a child custody fight difficult, and it may affect the ability to achieve the desired outcome. Sometimes, a spouse’s focus may be upended, and they may not think more about the soon-to-be ex-spouse’s behavior than their case. Focusing on the case could help the more reasonable spouse achieve the desired result in the child’s best interests.

A trustworthy and responsible spouse might present evidence of why they would be the right choice for sole custody. Presenting evidence that shows their home is preferable for the child may sway things in their favor if mediation fails and the battle moves before a judge. Proving the other spouse’s lack of fitness could be critical to receiving a favorable decision.

A spouse’s well-being

A spouse could take several actions outside the courtroom to address their well-being. Simple things like getting proper rest, eating well, and avoiding alcohol and other substances could help keep someone in the right frame of mind and physical health. Such things could be valuable when dealing with the rigors of a child custody fight.

Drawing on the support of responsible friends and family may assist in building strength. Keeping a positive mental outlook and relying on upbeat affirmations could have value. So might reminding oneself that the grueling battle will eventually end and that moving on with one’s life is possible.