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Cauble & Whittington skillfully handles all kind of appeals. Many litigation lawyers refer out appellate work for their clients and choose Cauble & Whittington. We willingly take referrals from other law firms. We skillfully argue our clients’ positions before the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. While our research and writing skills have been proven effective time and again, our appellate attorneys do not simply file briefs with the court. We argue cases before the court as well.

Based on our experience in the appellate courts, we are successfully able to navigate the complex appellate process. Our experience over the years in appellate courts and state administrative boards has contributed to our success in appeals. We have achieved many winning appeals on behalf of our clients whose vital interests were greatly impacted by the outcomes. We have also achieved reversals of cases on numerous occasions. Appellate decisions for our clients have achieved key legal precedents in Oregon law.

Our clients’ appellate cases have encompassed many areas of the law, including:

Appeals in Ashland — Appellate Attorneys Handle Cases Throughout Southern Oregon

Lawyers of Cauble & Whittington, bring depth and breadth of experience to the table as advocates of appellants in southern Oregon. Whatever your appellate law concern, you can expect attentive service from all staff and attorneys at Cauble & Whittington, throughout your case. Our appellate law firm is here to evaluate and present appeals on your behalf or on your legal clients’ behalf. Grants Pass appeals attorneys of Cauble & Whittington, await your call at 541-507-6407 or e-mail inquiry.