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Our Administrative Law Practice

For knowledgeable guidance and assistance in administrative law concerns in southern Oregon, turn to Cauble & Whittington. We have established a strong reputation for quality counsel and representation, demonstrating our knowledge and skill related to administrative legal matters such as:

Whether you are a builder seeking a zoning permit, a property owner seeking advocacy in a water use matter or a doctor or dentist in need of legal representation to protect your professional license, Cauble & Whittington, is prepared to advise and represent you.

Is a municipality seeking to limit your water use rights or use of other natural resources on or near your property? Do you need a zoning variance to complete a planned building project? Is your professional license threatened over some technicality or alleged violation of professional standards?

In many cases, we can resolve legal issues involving land use or professional licensing at an administrative level with appropriate government agencies. We aim to prevent litigation or other costly consequences of legal controversies over matters such as natural resources or land use. For best results, seek our assistance early on with an emphasis on prevention, compliance and resolution of disputes before they threaten your vital interests.