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Conservatorship Or Guardianship for Elderly or Disabled Family Members in Oregon

Families in southern Oregon often approach our well-established firm in Grants Pass in pursuit of guidance and assistance in legal actions related to conservatorships and guardianships. Potential clients soon appreciate the depth of our knowledge in this area of the law when they learn that we have worked hand in hand with experts in elder abuse fields pertaining to legal protection of elderly and disabled people and their families.

Conservatorship or Guardianship for Elderly or Disabled Family Members in Oregon

A person in need of a conservatorship or guardianship may be an incapacitated elderly family member or a disabled adult child or sibling. We handle these matters as well as child guardianship cases.

Sometimes our client is an elderly person who wishes to fight a move by family members or other interested parties who seek to establish a conservatorship or guardianship. We represent clients on both ends of the equation in guardianship and conservatorship cases.

Financial Elder Abuse Litigation

We also file lawsuits on behalf of elderly people claiming elder abuse, as well as defending clients who have been charged with financial elder abuse including imposition of undue influence in the financial affairs of an elderly person. Our extensive litigation experience serves our clients well in cases of disputes such as these.

Whether you are a family member seeking to protect or recover your elderly relative’s life savings from an abusive caregiver or a friend of an elderly person who has been falsely accused of taking advantage of a care giving relationship, our law firm can advise and represent you in elder abuse litigation.

Ashland, Eugene, Medford — Conservatorship Lawyer

Lawyers of Cauble & Whittington, bring depth and breadth of experience to our legal counsel regarding guardianships and conservatorships in southern Oregon. Whatever your concern in these areas, you can be assured you will receive attentive service from the staff and attorneys at Cauble & Whittington. Eugene or Grants Pass guardianship attorneys of Cauble & Whittington, await your call at 541-507-6407 or e-mail inquiry.