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Attorneys With The Experience You Need After An Auto Accident

For as long as there have been motor vehicles, there have been injurious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. This is perhaps the most common scenario for personal injury litigation, and with good reason. Each year in the United States, millions of people are injured or killed in preventable auto accidents.

If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver in Oregon, Cauble & Whittington, is ready to help you pursue compensation. Founded in 1898, our firm has been around practically longer than motor vehicles have. In that time, we have earned a reputation as skilled litigators and formidable courtroom opponents.

Ready To Litigate Any Type Of Motor Vehicle Accident Scenario

Our attorneys are ready to advocate for you after any type of motor vehicle accident, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicyclist and pedestrian injuries
  • Rideshare accidents (Uber and Lyft)
  • Drunk driving and distracted driving crashes
  • Accidents involving e-bikes and electric scooters
  • Motor vehicle accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, neck and back injuries, severe burns and more
  • Fatal crashes (wrongful death litigation)

We work to identify all responsible parties and hold them liable. In addition to the other driver, we may name additional defendants that include commercial trucking companies, auto manufacturers, rideshare companies, additional drivers (for multi-vehicle accidents) and others. We may even name local bars and restaurants that serve alcohol if they over-serve a visibly intoxicated patron who then goes on to cause a drunk driving accident. These are known as dram shop liability cases.

Contact Us To Speak To An Attorney About Your Case

With offices in Portland and Grants Pass, Cauble & Whittington, serves injured clients throughout the surrounding region. Our attorneys want to help you seek the compensation you need after a devastating auto accident. To discuss your options during an initial consultation, call us at 541-507-6407 or fill out our online contact form.