Divorce unavoidable? What Oregon residents should do before filing

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Divorce

Couples in Portland, Oregon, like those around the world, enter a marriage to share the rest of their life with their partner. Sometimes the dream comes true, and people stay together forever. The differences between personalities, life goals, or other issues can make remaining together impossible for other couples. Filing for divorce may become the only option, but it is not something anyone should do without preparation.

Plan your financial future

Finances are easy to forget in the rush to get out of an unhappy marriage. Take the time to establish personal credit, have a savings account, and get debt under control. Divorce increases the risk of financial strife, as nearly 20 percent of women living alone live in poverty. List all personal and marital assets. Consider opening a checking account separate from your spouse.

Document all personal income

Have available any documents that show the income of your spouse. Tax records provide this information but keep bank statements and pay stubs for any new employment begun since the previous tax return filing. The data helps determine debt division during a divorce and can affect child support amounts if needed.

Establish private contact information

Set up a post office box, an email address, and a mobile phone account in your name only. Change all your passwords online and elsewhere. The effort allows you privacy when discussing divorce and financial matters.

Find support for yourself

People often need the love and support of friends and family during stressful events like the end of a marriage. Strengthening these bonds beforehand will ensure people are there when needed. Develop solid professional relationships with co-workers. Parents will want to connect with their children’s teachers and daycare providers. Ensuring that resources and guidance remain available makes the process less frightening and provide reassurance during and after the divorce.

People file for divorce because they want a happier, more satisfying life. The desire can make it easy to rush into the decision to file without considering how unprepared they are for the process and life afterward. A few cautionary steps beforehand can make everything easier.